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Starting School

Starting school is a significant milestone in a child's life, and preparing them for this transition can make all the difference in their academic success and overall well-being.


Visit & Open Days

Before enrolling new parents are invited to visit the School, and discuss details with the Director, (during afternoons). Each parent will be given a Prospectus to read, for their own information, before enrolling their child.

Parents must fill in one Registration form per child and pay the Registration fee. Once a place has been secured for your child, the Admissions fee should be paid.  School fees are due at the start of the term. Both parents and child will be able to visit the school together during school hours, to gain an idea about the school environment.


Uniforms &
School Bags

Every child attending school is required to wear a school uniform. This is designed to make life easier for parents, staff and ultimately the children. Please make sure that your child comes to school each day wearing a clean, clearly named uniform. 

This uniform consists of navy blue shirts and red shorts for the boys, and blue dresses for the girls. Plus a red apron with white edging. Please do ask School Admin for more details on where to purchase.


For hygiene purposes children are requested to remove their shoes in school, but if parents would like them to wear indoor shoes, these could be kept in school. All shoes should be easy for the children to manage. No flip flops or slippers please.

How to prepare your child

Please help to prepare your child for school by taking him to visit friends, and make sure that he is happy to be left with people other than those at home. We like to ensure that your child’s first school experience is a happy one. With the younger age group it is easier for the small child to first feel confident in the new environment with a parent present. Parents are therefore welcome to stay for short periods of time with their child, for the first two days (during the afternoons) when starting school.

When you bring your child to school, please tell him where you are going and that you will return to pick him up. It is strongly advised that you make this parting as brief as possible, so that your child can settle more quickly. After two or three days of attending school, parents are kindly requested to bring their children to the bag area and leave him or her with the teacher on duty outside. This ensures that the children already at work inside will not be disturbed by the presence of other parents. We will take the greatest care of your child.

If your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself or spouse, please inform the staff.

The children’s health and diet are carefully monitored by the staff. Each child is offered a helping of fresh local fruit and other snack options every morning; cornflakes, crackers, yoghurt or bread sandwiches, provided and prepared at school.  Parents are requested to send a bottle of water, for their child to drink, the school provides filtered water.

the School provides lunch, which should be paid for one term in advance.

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