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Classroom Structure

Yellow & Blue Room
Ages 2.5-6years


It is where the magic begins.  This is your child’s introduction to school, where busy children explore, experiment and absorb from their environment.  With careful guidance these young learners are shown how to operate within the carefully prepared environment, following the classroom ground rules and spend busy days learning, playing and interacting with one another.  The classrooms are specifically designed to stimulate and engage children’s senses, enabling exploration and discovery in order to address each child’s insatiable curiosity.  Here they will cultivate strong characteristics such as motivation, concentration, self-discipline and a genuine love of learning.

Lower Primary
Turquoise & Green Room

Ages 6-9years


It is where the child seeks challenges through asking the big questions; who am I? What am I? And where did I come from?  They have a fascination for history, geography and science encouraged by practical experimentation and exploration through multi-mediums. These busy youngsters also need plenty of physical activity and rigor outdoors.

Upper Primary
Emerald Group
Ages 9-12years


The Emerald group is a happy community. Students are focused. They take joy in their work. They invent, explore, experiment, confer, create, prepare snacks, and curl up with books; sometimes they might even reflect in a peaceful, meditative corner. Meanwhile, teachers circulate throughout the room, observing the students and making notes about their progress, ever ready to offer support or introduce new material, as appropriate.  This group of children are encouraged to participate in community projects in order to understand more about the people in our society and the world around them. 


Expectations are both exquisitely clear and engagingly open-ended.

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